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Welcome to Customena a dynamic new fashion brand like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Customena is dedicated to the wild, vivacious, fashionista in all of us. You’ll never find anything online as fun, blingy, or exotic as our line of sensuously delicious shoes, bags, caps and other accessories. Customena is founded with an eye for fashionable trainer heels that combine affordability with fun.

UK-based company dedicated to originality and quality with a touch of Bling. Since then, the ride has been exciting as we’ve unveiled new designs and new product lines that have caught the eyes of fashion designers across the UK and the U.S.


The founder deciding to redesign old style footwear by combining quality and comfort with crystals from Swarovski®. A "Blingprenuer" in the making.


If you are a fashionista, not only does your clothing have to match your shoes, but so do other products. Check out our hot, sexy glassware. Imagine drinking champagne or wine from our high-quality glassware with enough bling to catch everyone’s attention. These are our first additions to the Blingdom Collection. Make sure to come back and check out other new items in the next few months.


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